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Where Has the Martial Spirit Gone?

In the world of martial arts, discipline is not just a practice, it’s a way of life. Yet, as the seasons change from the bloom of April to the amber hues of October, our dojo feels the chill of absent people.

It’s with a sense of disappointment that I stand on the mats, surrounded by more shadows than students. These months offer us the perfect balance of light and temperature to refine our skills, to push our limits, and yet, the echoes of our taijutsu grow fainter.

Martial arts is about the relentless pursuit of excellence, not just in technique but in character. Each empty spot in our dojo is a missed chance to forge the steel of our resolve, to temper the spirit that defines us.

To those who persist, your unwavering commitment is the true embodiment of Budo. Your presence inspires, your dedication challenges, and your journey honours the legacy of our members.

But to those who let the seasons dictate their dedication, remember the tenets we uphold. Honor, courage, respect—these are not seasonal virtues. They are the pillars upon which our practice stands, and they demand our year-round allegiance.

As we navigate these quieter months, let’s rekindle the fire that first drew us to the tatami. Let’s fill our training hall not just with our presence, but with the intensity of our passion. For it is in the silent dedication of practice where true martial artists re born.

Let’s pledge to make these months count. To turn up, to train hard, and to transform not just our bodies, but our spirits. Together, we can ensure that the heart of our dojo beats strong, all year round.

One day the dojo and sensei will be gone leaving the legacy of our in your hands.


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