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Train as you fight….?

I found this article and thought it would be interesting to post and hear any comments - I’m not expressing an opinion nor endorsing the text.

"You must train as you fight", is a line of nonsense outside of the world of sport.

This mentality is true when you know who, what, where, when, why and how. Such as in an organized match or competition…or even a war, as it is the ultimate sport.

There is nothing wrong with this. It’s good training, but it does not hold true for the old ways.

This is not the way of Kobudo or ancient Japanese martial arts.

When there are no rules and the battle for personal survival is real, you will not be fighting as you trained. That is assured. You will be taking the biggest advantage you have, including weapons, and use it.

In the Togakure Ryu, the very first rule is that this martial art is for self defense only and escaping or running away should always take precedence to violent action. When you cannot runaway, you do what you must to survive. You will not strike a pose or go to the ground for an armbar.

But your training needs to have value and not just be taken lightly.

So don't try to train as you hope to fight.

You need to train to be ever evolving, ever adapting and non-attached to form.

If you enjoy martial sport, enjoy the challenge, embrace the enjoyment of fighting.

But if you enjoy Kobudo. Your aim should be to have a razor-sharp mind for what is useful and effective at any given moment, under any given circumstances.


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