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Sword Choreography Workshop (Level 1)

On Sunday, we conducted our inaugural sword choreography workshop. This event delved into the fundamental techniques encompassing approximately twelve essential sword cuts and defenses commonly featured in cinematic and theatrical swordplay sequences.

The workshop unfolded in a three-part structure, commencing with the acquisition of foundational skills. Participants then transitioned into crafting their own choreography, culminating in a recorded final performance. This performance was ingeniously crafted into a captivating four-minute video, narrating the tale of a band of sword-wielding enthusiasts attempting to infiltrate a domain occupied by another group of equally fervent swordsmen.

This workshop was a remarkable experience, with due recognition to those who not only grasped the choreography but also honed their sword-handling abilities. Remarkably, some individuals had only recently embarked on their training journey with us, beginning earlier in the same month.

Despite featuring a mere 12 moves, the choreography presented a formidable challenge when constrained by limited learning time and even scarcer opportunities for perfection.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the next level course is scheduled for early next year and will be exclusively available to those who successfully completed Level 1. For those who missed the chance to participate in this extraordinary experience, fear not, as a new Level 1 course will be on the horizon.


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