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Christmas Closure

Our Christmas training breaks are as follows:


the last training session is Monday 18th December and we return to training on January 8th.

Egham Orbit

the last training session is Thursday 14th December and we return to training on January 4th.

Royal Holloway

Resumes on Wednesday January 10th.

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Since 1996, we have been the leading Martial Arts School proudly offering the Surrey and Hampshire area unsurpassed quality. We strive to take martial arts back to its roots as both a physical and spiritual art form that represents a harmonious way of life. In a world of seemingly unending pressures, we represent an oasis of calm and balance.


Martial arts give you the tool to stay present and focused while standing in the eye of the storm. It is this self-awareness that allows you to make the best decisions in stressful situations, and to defend yourself when needed. We promote inner advancement above outward appearance.


We believe that confidence, discipline and strength are the core of an outstanding Martial Arts School are are dedicated to providing exceptional standards of practice through our facilities and instructors. 


We believe that martial arts are a gateway to improving your life in so many ways. Some arrive at our classes in search of developing confidence, physical fitness and street smarts. Others are looking to generate a sense of courage and inner peace. Whatever your motivation, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation. Join us! 

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Self Defence

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Our twice-weekly training sessions at Egham and Farnham are perfect for anyone looking to improve their martial arts skills. If you're unable to make it to both venues, we also offer a single session pass which allows you to train once a week at either location. Join us and start your journey to becoming a black belt.

Important:  Insurance and club membership is required to train.

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